aaaaahhh ok.

sometimes people let suffering penetrate their lives because it's the only thing that keeps them company when no one else is there. they blindly and desperately grasp anything within reach, and hold on, like their lives depend on it...even though it is painful, even if they know it will kill them in the process. after all, that's all they've got. to suffer is the easiest option, the nearest hole they could hide into. and even if it gives them a false sense of hope, they will let it pass because those who say 'let go and move on' are only there to tell them what to do, but not stay until the pain is gone.


that's unfair though. because the hole who got yourself into, can fit only one person. and we're here outside, waiting for you to crawl out on your own. now i'm on the 2nd person POV. haha really, now.

currently at mcdo, global city waiting for daddy. yeheeey! i finally have Art of Motion! >:D >:D and because the battery's dying, magbabasa na lang ako ng libro. hehe >:P bye for now.

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