it's not okay

i though i was someone who's more optimistic than the rest, who sees the bright side of life in the shadows, and who thinks subjectively when it comes to people's personalities.

but no. this day reminded me how i am not who i thought i was. everyone deserves a fair chance at everything, an impartial judgment, and most of all, everyone deserves someone's friendship. whenever i meet people who are downright unlikeable, i try to veer off of their presence. i keep my mouth shut when they start saying annoying things. in short, i avoid being with them because i can't stand their attitude. but this is unfair, a good friend of mine indirectly showed me how my ways are wrong. how, i'm being selfish by avoiding these kind of people. how i'm being selective of my company. didn't God say, love one another? one another. it's a collective term referring to everyone we know.

the problem is, whenever we meet people who badly need to change something in their personality, instead of guiding them along the path to transformation, we leave them. we tolerate them. that's what indifferent friends do. that's what fake friends do. they're too afraid to try to change their friend, probably because of the fear of losing him in the process, or the fear of being taken the wrong way.

this day, i was heavily reminded of the fact (and i insist on it being one) that EVERYONE HAS A GOOD SIDE. it's just that sometimes, one side is bigger than the rest so we think we're facing a wall and forget about exploring the entire dimension.

that should be my mantra when i meet uncool people. everyone has a good side. everyone has a good side. everrryyyyone. yes, Lord, thank you.

i don't know what about this day exhausted me to hell, but when i came home, i came to daddy at the basement to say hello and went directly to the office bedroom. i slept for 3 hours, good thing dad woke me up or i'll be on REM stage the entire night and forget about the script i'm suppose to pass tomorrow.

good news: I WON in the poster making contest hosted by the college library (where i work, LOL). they just didn't tell me which place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) but i couldn't care less. i care more about the cash price! :D haha will know tomorrow.

most depressing news of the day? I LOST MY BLACK PEN. it's not just a black pen, it's 'the' black pen from the set of staedtler colored felt tip pens i have! haaaaay.

anyway. right, i have a script to make. whew. :)

thank you talaga Lord, sobra!

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