so, everyone agrees with me that majorcrush is quite good looking. it's cool that i don't have to defend my taste for once (cos usually i'm the only one who sees the good-looking side of my crushes wahaha) but it's uncool that people are liking him because of his good loooks.... err that's like... competition! oh nooooo. yeah right, like i'm competing for his attention or something bwahahaha. it's enough that i'm seeing him quite a lot these days and that we have a couple of common friends. i'm ok with that, realllllyyyy. i can't possibly get to be friends with him the normal way, not when my hormones are hyperventilating when he's within 5 meters lol. i probably need uhm, 2 months? hahaha. ewan. nakakainis. haha

i can't believe i don't have anything due tomorrow. which means i can watch avatar and sherlock holmes then sleep! bwahahaha

trial 2! jec said i just did a vector hahaha, i never knew! :P this is quite ugly... that's supposed to be me... photo reference present and uhm yeah, that's one of my doodles on the background. i don't know what else to do. i need inspiration haha :P i wanna practice the smudge and burn tools more so i could make decent blendings. hehehehehehe

PS: done stalking. found out his full name, at last. ano ba yan. nakakahiya talaga ako! anyway... full name (pati middle name), highschool (pati section)... okay naman. hahaha

sige good night! :P

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