seriously, last night was the drunkest i've ever been in my entire life. and i was aware i have to wake up early in the morning to attend the motorcade.

grabe. last night was super fun! we stayed at ka's apartment at sm mezza... ate dinner, played cards, got wild and drunk, all to the beat of the endless techno music playing at the radio (define endless! literal! the music won't stop e haha). haha the building is new so ka doesn't have any neighbors yet haha so basically, we took on the entire place laughing like crazy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KA! :D :D

i alarmed at 530am and woke up with a terrible headache. one of my classmates said it's bad to take a shower when you're still having a hangover so i left the place without taking a bath. it was a major creeper having to walk the empty hallway... the doors are still covered in plastic cos the place is new, tapos the elevator is the creepiest thing! it's also new, so the walls are still kinda filled with adhesive tapes yun basta... tapos punit punit na emf! horror movie talaga ang dating. whew. katakot much!

and you know what, alam kong may tama pa ko that morning, cos i can't freaking walk straight. whenever i put my head down to look at the floor, umiikot ang mundo ko. it took me a lot of effort to cross the overpass and buy hot chocolate from jollibee. haaay grabe.

anyway. fast forward to the motorcade...
wala... di ko tinapos. nasuka ba naman ako sa loob?! buti na lang hindi ko (yata) nasukahan yung kotse. nakakahiya. HAHAHA di ko kinaya eh. 15 yata kami sa kotse omg lang diba?! HAHA

k, alis na ko. bbye! :D

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