ready :)

ah, now i know why i'm afraid. because i don't know what it is. it's the fear of the unknown that keeps me from exploring further. and now, now that i finally know how it feels and what it means, i can finally say i'm ready! yehey! i'm ready to take risks! :) but for now i'll just keep on waiting. :)

this afternoon, i cried. again, for the 6th time, for the same reason. it sure feels liberating the more i get used to it, you know, crying it all out, looking like a complete waste in front of my cheeseburger... and my friend. so tomorrow, i promise not to cry again for the same reason. the more i think about it, the more i feel hopeless.

i feel fake acting normal when i'm burdened like this. what can i do? i've never encountered this before. >:\

don't ask why nga pala. cos i won't tell. hohoho

and so i'll wait. :)

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