toradora: check!

anime. it's the only thing getting me in touch with my 'younger' side nowadays. my youth is draining off already. i want to feel like a kid.


uhhh, the ending got me in tears! but quite frankly, i didn't understand the whole love-matching conflict. aaaand, i always feel oddly depressed watching scenes where a young couple elopes to get away with their parents and start a life together. just the mere thought of drowning in destitution scares me enough to pick a poor guy as a husband. go get rich first, then we'll see.

it all started when i watched this movie starring angelou de leon and bobby andrews. so angelou is rich and bobby is poor and they fell in love and eloped, they lived in the slums and had to struggle for money, then the girl got sick and died (i guess? but she got sick, right). i mean, you can't immediately go big-time if you elope with your girlfriend, deym that's stupid, unless both of you literally want to build things up from scratch (from a cheaper than cheap shanty). if you're really thinking of saving your relationship you have to prove it right in front of the faithless people who antagonize your romance story.

to elope is the most cowardly option a couple could ever decide on.

anyway, toradora was nice. it was the elopement thing that struck me most, yeah that's why i'm making a fuss out of it.

and now i'll go watch Up then resume watching bleach, i don't care about the missing episodes now, i'll start at 190. sengihnampakgigi

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