missing markers

// i was wondering why i couldn't see my old bookmarks (laminated anime cards) in my drawer so i took out a new one (my dad's expired alien ID) and started reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. so far so good! it's about a living boy who grew up in a graveyard under the custody of ghosts. kewl.

eventually i realized where my missing bookmarks are, they're still stuck in their own books! wahahaha 4 books pare! the resurrection file (parshall), like the flowing river (coelho), toxic bachelors (steel) and the pilgrimage (coelho). i have no idea when i will ever get back at them, right now i'm most interested with the graveyard book so hopefully i will finish with it.... because it's interesting and it's the one mika bought from san francisco. it's also AUTOGRAPHED you know! you can't imagine how much i had to contain my fangirl squeals when i saw an "autographed copy" sticker at the cover. hahhahhahhahhah so, you heard (err, read) me, i'll finish the book! sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi

// what? i'm sweet? that's a first! i never really thought of myself that way, i guess i'm not sweet at all. i'm more 'concerned' than 'sweet', really. and there are ants creeping out of this laptop (which is better than seeing ants creep INTO it, you know, if ants are coming in then there's probably a freaking nest inside). fucking alarming! that was random, sorry, but it scares me that it might kill Pa-Q (that's how we call this laptop), i can't afford to lose ANOTHER laptop (this isn't even mine). fffffffffff.

ETA: i want a 14inch dell inspiron something something laptop. YUNG RED!!!

// you. you! i hate it when you say you know what i'm thinking whenever i'm in a trance.why do you assume a lot of things whenever i mention someone's name, at least twice??? i'm not impressed with your mind reading skills. i don't even talk about what's in my head (i usually just blog about it), so don't go assuming i'd talk to you... cos even if you were right about what i'm thinking, i'd never ever consult you about anyyyyythiiiiing. stop trying to impress me, i don't need your help. i'm lagging behind my favorite power siestas because of you. i hate getting bugged off by people when i'm sleeping, or when i want to sleep, or when i feel sleepy. you're not someone i'd trade my afternoon naps with. enough said xpastixpastixpastixpastixpasti

// oks. time to do my homework.

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