tayong dalawa finale + survivor 2

// the finale was good! except for the last part where another david garcia appeared, i mean, what the fuck? so ano yon? is that indicative of a sequel? bad timing e. ang weird talaga! i cried so much when marlene begged ramon to give up. pati when ramon was shot, chaka when ramon apologized to dave at the jail. si ramon talaga ang lakas ng hatak e. o, sya na ipapalit ko kay ryan agoncillo. hehe. pero you know what, Tayong Dalawa is a very good series kasi the plot is original, the script isn't generic and the casting is awesome (esp. ramon! whew!). na-weirdohan lang tlga ko sa last part, pero sige, that's forgiveable. haha

// on survivor. ooh, so louie was voted out!!! sooo, giveaway na pala yung commercial nya sa mangyayari sa kanya. hahaha i never really liked him, chickboy daw?!?! wtf right?! ang ayoko na kanya, he thinks he's smart, that his strategies are working, and that he's strong when in fact, wala talaga syang na-manipulate. even charles? i mean, magaling lang makisama si charles at super bait to the point na muka syang underdog (not to mention, gay) pero louie? he never really earned anyone's trust in the camp. and sama pa ng dila nya! ang kapal ng muka nya.

i'm worrying for justine tuloy! louie might actually beat her on monday, and i hate to see that happen cos she's (for me, justine is a GIRL. oks?) been through a lot on isla purgatoryo chaka, ang gandang comeback nun pag naka-abot sa merge si justine! oh come on.

// i'm not feeling the weekend! monday to saturday classes are starting to bore me. aaaand i'm feeling the curse of my heels na! hahaha corpo attire on monday is something i'm not looking forward to, sana signal no.3 sa monday. whew, october na sana pls? bakit? kasi balik gym na ko sa october which is thursday next week, yaaaay!!! my last month at fitness first before i transfer the membership to my dad kasi wala na kong pambayad and hindi ako pumapayat! anyway, gym for me isn't about losing weight e...tumaba lang ako dun e. i'm more on the coffee, cabled tv, internet and sauna. wahaha

// everyday is a good day! amen!

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