april's full moon

nye. ngayon ko lang na-share!

mayon by the moon

i love this pic! super awesome scene.

moonlit sea

di sinasadyang pasmado ako but look at the effect naman! ang cute! haha


have i told you guys that i already know how to ride a bike? given that the road is all mine. nevertheless, marunong na ko! yehey! :P

isa pa, i can tolerate hot sauce and spicy noodles na rin! ang laking improvement. hahaha

uhh, wala lang.

awhile ago my jacket fell off the tricycle while moving pero narecover ko naman yehey kaso kadiriiii hinango ko pa sa putikan yon hahaha.
someone switched off the power source of the sockets in my room (and essentially the entire floor) so i can't charge the laptop and my phone and i can't turn on the aircon so i can't sleep hahahaha pero malamig nmn e. blah blah blah. that's why i'm at the basement right now. buti na lang ok dito. haha parallel circuits for the win!

gutom na gutom na gutom na ko! gusto ko ng pizza. hahahaha

omg, terai you're my savior!

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