pizza day!

// during the tribal council -- survivor philippines palau
tara:'re weaker than i do (upon voting for troy)...

and she claims to be a fucking english tutor? have some shame and give the language some justice mare!

// wahahah! may nakita ako! ETO!!!
an entry i made two years ago, back when i was still an applicant sa org. pansinin nyo yung drawing kong bongga... i have a tendency to draw my crushes talaga e. sorinaman!

the familiarity is killing me. O_O

// awhile ago, naloko kami ni chamel. akala namin trabaho, encoder, as she promised, yun pala it's a lie just to get us to attend their orientation. NETWORKING pala. and you know how unreliable networking corps are. they lure people into a pyramid marketing scheme and offer commissions by recruiting downlines. why is this bad? because i've heard of this already! the whole multi-level marketing scam? hahaha

and you know, an employer who tolerates having his subordinates LIE just to grow his company is already a big turn-off. imagine, this company is populated by teenagers! as in 16, 17, 18! they all earn, yeah, cool but i don't think the environment will be good for me. the way things go inside is too demoralizing.

ewan ko. parang the first thing you'll have to do to earn is to LIE. ayoko naman ng ganun. :( and you'll have to continue doing it kasi if you don't recruit and purchase, you won't earn.

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