got this from a pic on my friend's blog

"good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs"

what time is it?

i'm seriously going to try sleepasil tomorrow if i go out. sucks cos i feel so awake yet so unproductive. maybe i should do some night job or something to keep me busy. then again, 2nd term is coming and i'm going on full load so i'm banking on it to correct my sleeping habits. the only reason i sleep late is because i sleep all afternoon. so i'm thinking if i have classes during the afternoon, my 'siesta' will be moved to the night. which cures everything.

i'm also officially starting my so-called diet plan (just tea, and the ceragem bed. gawd, i'm too lazy. swimming too!). i have a feeling i have to get thinner before this month ends, in time for my mom's awards night. it's the reason i'm keeping (and growing) my hair long and quit biting my nails (news flash: i bit them again. all gone. fml). when she says it's my turn to escort her this year, i went ecstatic! for sure it's going to be an awesome event cos she's got like the most number of awards and the company has a new owner so yeah, it's something to look forward to on a high note. it excites me just thinking of it!

currently saving for: a divisoria spree, an entire day at blenz, an entire day with my sister, and dvd series!

currently re-watching lovely complex because i was reminded of it this day. i can actually use this week long vacation to watch dvds.

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