i feel bad for all the people who are still left stranded in their homes (not that it remained one), awaiting rescue. i feel bad that that the least i can do for them is pray, and maybe deliver some of my old clothes to mcdonald's (the nearest place collecting relief materials from here). listening to the news is way too depressing. the death toll has reached more than a hundred already, and PAGASA says there's another brewing storm bordering on the Philippine area of responsibility. we haven't even recovered yet!

i don't know why people are reacting badly about this. get used to it. it happens everytime. villar isn't the only politician guilty of indirectly soliciting votes through donations. i'm not saying this because i like manny villar or something. though the time spent printing and sticking out those texts could have been used to deliver the food much faster, bottom line is: he still helped.

God knows how much we idealize our politicians too much. no leader is righteous enough to sit on the presidential throne. between two evils (in our case, tons) , choose the lesser one. it really does take an evil to become president.

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