seryoso na to!

// i have to get thinner before october 29, or else.... or else, return 0. hahaha
so starting this october, i'll make the gym my second home. hahaha 28 days of crash workout! let's see if i could hold on without ravaging their coffee maker. i'll set up a count-down. i must be religious on this.

wahahaha! but you knooow, i have a feeling i'm just gonna end up laughing at myself after this. wahaha i was never a fan of exercising, or sports in general, so i'm pretty much a weakling in terms of physical fitness. pero inspired ako! kasi... my mom bought me a red long gown i can use for her awards night (as her escort) and i love it! so i feel obligated to give the pretty gown justice by becoming thinner to suit it better. oo grabe, it's hard to fit gowns when you're fat.

mainstream teenage complex! bwahahaha sengihnampakgigi
// i have a cactus wallpaper, nakakawala ng stress!!!! :inis:

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