absolute zero crap

on the phases of matter.

solid, liquid, gas, plasma... i bet the next phases coined aren't naturally occurring anymore. in short, scientists are synthesizing the discovery of phase changes inside the laboratory. then i read about the bose-einstein condensate (BEC), a state near absolute zero which is 0 kelvin or -273.15 degrees celsius.

i learned about condensates 2 years ago, if i remember correctly they're supercooled fluids that behave like gases because they flow out of their containers.

anyway, i watched a disaster movie before which mentioned the possibility of stopping time by reaching absolute 0. during that time it made sense to me cos absolute zero would freeze even the most hyperactive and unstable atomic vibrations, essentially freezing EVERYTHING. and when everything stops on an atomic level, time stops as well.

of course it's naturally impossible to achieve it, unless it's God's new way of bringing armageddon next to the great flood . however, i was thinking, if you could create an absolute 0 environment inside a vacuum, then revert it to normal temperature (or just increase it, doesn't necessarily have to be normal), you'd probably tamper that container's sense of time. will it lead to the creation of a new dimension? a new time and space? a whole new world world?

wahahaha ewan. disaster movies are compelling noh? except that they exaggerate science more that it already is. nakakaloko tuloy.

ah wala lang, na-curious ako.

game ako sa 2012!

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