do not let schooling interfere your education

sleepasil! yeah. let's see if it works, 30 minutes before bedtime daw soooo... malay.

:ayokona: i'm semi-pissed off with my sister. i want her to grow up because it's becoming a burden looking after her. she stressed all of us again this day. there are times i want to badly reprimand her for being so unstable, indecisive and impractical. tomorrow my parents are off to fontana, i wanted to come (and v.v.) but they said i have to stay for my sister. stay for what? for a whole night of whinning? what the hell am i? my sister's keeper?

i envy her so much cos she's already there, at the 'real world' and she's bailing out already.

understand that real education starts when you get out of school. what theories you learn in school must be translated into practical thinking once you're out. we are forever students, yeah, but once we culminate from college, we become immediate transferees of the university of life.

i am never in the right position to talk about life and shit because i haven't achieved anything yet but it strongly infuriates me how i can't see what she should have learned from the university everyone's so fucking proud of.

i wish i had enough sense and wisdom to tell her the best thing to do but all i can do right now is shut up because i haven't calmed my nerves yet. so tomorrow, as promised, i'll take her out. ice cream! pizza! yehey!

whew. sleepasil makes a good sedative. i can feel it working now.

good night!

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