walking backwards uphill

well i always thought this semester will end rocketing downwards in a blur, but human nature pushes me to find things that will make me happy despite its trivialities.

i know, i don't have a love life. i don't have a crush. i don't have someone to swoon over in my dreams and pursue with all modesty (my style). but i have the world! i never put that into account until now. love makes the world go round. imagine, the closest thing i've felt before love is infatuation and having none of that this semester already drew out every positive charge in me. i'm like, not enthused enough to go through each day. i find it hard to endure without a, a.. well, without someone occupying my mind. grabe naman. haha

this day:

i. i had two applicants report to me this afternoon. one cried, and the other was dead tried. life's like that.

ii. met with my commitee mates to check out LGA. i was with aaron, melvin and jonathan. we walked to LGA. haha, ang layo nakakapagod. but it was already past closing time so the most that we got is a contact detail of some mister.

while walking down we saw a middle aged lady walking BACKWARDS uphill. we were like, ohshit is she crazy or is someone playing with her? some imaginary, unwanted entity. grabe scary, and she was holding plastic bags on both of her arms... maybe she came from the market. whatever. nakakatakot e. hahaha

iii. i skipped tonight's GA because i have a lot to do. hehe :)

iv. pissed off: i wasted 22x3 plus 20x2 plus 12 (go figure) pesos for DVD-Rs! i wanted to burn Lovely Complex already to save disk space but on the first 3 dvds, it didn't work... some unexpected error daw. then on the 3rd and 4th dvd, yeah they worked fine but playback quality is horribly pixelated. grabe. da best parin bumili na lang diba.

v. i'm excited to set aside my savings money and finally get my debit card this weekend! huraaaay. :) hehehehe :D

vi. another review that made my day: from some German reader...
At first I have to say that I hope you can understand what I'm writting here
because I'm from Germany and my english is... Well I would say it's

This story is the most sweetest Story I have ever read! And I've read a lot
of storys.
You have a marvelous write style and each person, who says somthing
different, are in Idiot!
The whole time I saw the story in my mind's eye.
The whole time I was anxious how the story is continued and I felt with
Harry. During the last chapters I even cried and was incredible happy as
everything became good. No other story ever had this affect to me.
But I think what me most pleased at the story was the end. I find it very
good that you don't stop after the Happy End like all the others, but write
that the two die also sometime. I don't know what to say expect that I found
this end beautiful.

Well, I am not very well in writing of reviews. But I hope that you are still
pleased about my comment.

Good bye

it's the first time i actually featured a reader's review. hehe, that's like one of the longest i've gotten so far. yeah, flattering. i love reviews. it makes me happy. but on the downside i feel like it's the only place where my skills get appreciated. well of course, how would i expect myself to be venerated in a field i'm totally foreign (but learning to adapt) to? haha

oh, i love my readers. it's like 2 years after completion and i still get reviews. heart warming!! and most of them don't really mind my gramerrors. hehehe :)

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