♥ The Darned Physics Exam - well, it was hard and i was only able to answer the first (out of three) problems. i'm really ok with that. even though i'm bound to lose 20+ points. i'm still ok with it... just because i answered a single problem correctly. imagine the fulfillment. i mean, oryt i'm bound to fail, but having answered that single problem made me feel that... 'omg. kaya ko pala'

and the other problems? i could say they were manageable if i memorized all the equations in our handout (i was like, here goes POWER MEMORY! but being lazy is still the biggest antagonist). i became laidback when i heard our teacher's going to provide all the formulas we need but i guess i expected too much. haller, to give every single equation to your examiners must be extremely stupid. i didn't put that into account. lol

ok so physics isn't scaring me big time anymore, at least i know what to expect on our 3 next exams. and our Physics Fair Project? i heard (because i was absent-slash-sleeping-at-home while it was being discussed) it was some sort of a land-slash-water cruiser. na-excite ako. parang, this field is quite interesting to me.

i feel like, even if i fail i won't be depressed about it, on the other hand, it'll make me more invigorated to study it and pass the next time kasi nga it interests me. grabe, soooo unlike Chemistry na once nagfail ako... ayoko na. i don't feel thrilled. experiments bore me like hell.

speaking of Chemistry...

♦ Let's play Prime Suspects - someone stole P1,300 from my wallet during our Chem32 lab. fckdmt talaga! that comprises most of my weekly allowance. it was budgeted already. i kept most of the big bills on a zipped compartment somewhere in my humongous wallet but still... hay buhay. anyway i have a Prime Suspect, that's what's important. i'm not keen on taking my money back but at least given the right circumstance, the truth shall prevail. i'm still unsure what to do with the person once i get enough evidence that she's a kleptomaniac. i don't know... i'll pray about it.

enough about the things that made me sad...

♥ ZETTAI KARESHI! - my newest addiction, a J-Drama starring... well, i don't know. but i liked the story. not in the mood to write synopsis but i highly recommend it to everyone! you will be touched. :) it was only the first episode but i already cried, i'm really shallow, normal ZK watchers won't cry on the first ep. hehehe

do check it out

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