this is the main page of the portfolio slideshow i created using powerpoint 07. it's done out of frustration because i still couldn't get how flash 8 works. i need a book, probably. -___-; but that's on the least of my concerns now that i've realized i could make equally decent presentations using powerpoint as my main tool. :)

i'm not sure how to make it available for download (i'm currently trying to figure it out... i'll give you the link once i've done it). but for sure, anytime now i'd be posting the link. it's around 5.40MB yeah, it's big. >___> mainly because i'm fumbling (yesterday) to perfect the custom animations so i resorted in making multiple slides for. it's around 28 slides long, though you wouldn't really notice because i made it sort of 'interactive'.

at the very beginning of the show there's a warning that says: click on the links to navigate. this is not your usual click-to-continue slideshow.

yes. that's how it works.

actually, the artworks features in the presentation are already archived here, i just somewhat selected my 'proudest' haha.

eto lang talaga yan eh. i just want to create a powerpoint presentation. yun lang naman.

isa pa. bored ako. bwahahahaaaa

IT'S HERE NOW! YOU CAN GET THE DOWNLOAD LINK here. at the bottom of the entry, click on the attachment link to donwnload. hehehe it's in powerpoint slideshow format :)

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