i survived!

i only withdrew 1000 bucks from my account this week TO SAVE. well, you might think 1k is more than enough for a college student to survive. TRUE, but in my case 1K is just enough to cover my weekly expenses:

a) FOOD. duh
b) FARE. another duh. and it pisses me off that it keeps on increasing without bound
c) laundry. every week.
d) TITHES. i'm trying to be faithful here
e) miscellaneous. this includes handouts, org fees and other bullcrap i'm trying to live without (but is failing) like internet and expensive coffee* and lots of cereals and other types of junk i bloat myself with (cassava, isaw, proven, baked mac and gulaman)

seriously. i could've lived a better life with lesser expenses if i knew how to discipline myself with unnecessary things. like for once, stop eating tapsilog because meat is expensive. cut off with pork because they're too fatty. STOP BUYING BALLPENS. i already have a 50+ of them in my pencil case and if i don't stop this stupid fancy for pens, the others will die a natural death (run out of ink before i can even optimize their use) and i have to dispose of them. sad. cruel.

and to add up to that ugly pile of payables, I COMPLETELY FORGOT THAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO PAY OUR TOWERING WATER BILL before the 25th. this completely ruined my week (and budget). but because the apartment owner paid half of the bill (because duh, it's improper for us to cover the whole gdmn bill, it's not our fault the water in the toilet won't stop from flowing) we only have to pay 204.1 each. BUT THAT'S STILL TOO MUCH. normally, we'll just get around 150 to 200 worth of water bill in a month. this is crazy. but i managed to survive this week without starving myself. well, i still have a 120 pesos debt to my sister and a 60 pesos debt to the org, but come next week... i'm sure i'd be able to pay all of those so.. yehey. hahaha

and hmm. i'm going to try doing art commissions. personalized bookmarks or 3x5 artworks. anne paid me 50 bucks for doing 3 art pieces. when i get to the real business, i think i'm going to charge 50/item. i'll be working on the samples SOON.

i've already mentioned this before but i never really got this close to making it real. weh. :)

okok. till next time, i'm glad that i'm finally hoooome!!! :)
i missed my parents! :D

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