not another entry

there is at least one person who hates me now. but i'm not entirely sure because if he/she's smart enough, he'll soon realize that his/her hate is only short-lived because i am not usually a hate-able (??) person. i'm oftentimes too shy and moral to ever have the power to brew some negative vibes within one person.

clearly, i don't like people hating me. i'm too polite for that. T___T;;

anyway. i'm in the middle of doing our postlab report for physics. and because i didn't understand the experiment that much, i volunteered to my groupmates to do the bulk of the report, which is the discussion part. now i'm trying to squeeze google to give me some enlightenment.

yeheey! i got my debit card already! and lo and behold, it's RED! my favorite color! though to me it looked more like red-orange than red hehe, whatever. another thing! i saw a kipling bag at the centermall! well, it's obviously an imitation but i still want to buy it (heck, like i'll even buy the original one)... they have RED! grrr... i wanna buy it. please please please, for my birthday???? hehe

i want a backpack. T____T;

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