tips and notes

♥ note/s:

-just so i won't forget when i get back to los banos.
for high-res vista icons: Vista Icons
styles/bootskins: Vista Styles

-get nice wallpapers. -___-;

♥ tip/s:

-on using/downloading codecs: i personally prefer downloading media codecs one by one rather than by batch (ie. k-lite codec pack). usually, they don't hold up much of the quality. >___>; that's all. :)

-partitioning: it's helpful to set your hard disk on partition especially if you have a really big one. that way you'd get to designate which files you wish to store on a certain drive. like with mine, i have two disk partitions, a drive C and a drive F. C is where all the progams and applications go and F is where i put all user files.

when you're at this, you'd find it hard to move data files to F (or whatever you call your data drive) so a simple solution would be to add a personal folder to drive F and set up a shortcut link on it on your desktop. then just rename it or whatever so you won't be confused whether you saved at C, because there is an automatic My Documents folder at drive C that is irremovable, so maybe you could rename your desktop shortcut to My Documents(F) or just anything that would help you distinguish between the two.

that's it. simply put, they key to utilize your partitioned hard disk is to actually separate DATA files from PROGAMS files by designating them to their assigned drives.

lol. hoped this helps

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