i don't know where to start. i'm lost. i exchanged my macromedia flash 8 installer for a newer stock because it won't load here. now that i have the software... i am dumbfounded by its complexity. well of course, i'm an amateur at this. i am simply offering myself a supposedly easier alternative for not divulging into an adobe premier. why the heck do i even have to be updated with this? like i should care? like it's anywhere near the bounds of chemistry???? eh ganun talaga.

as if you'd see me scouting for chemistry tutorials online. -___-;

o yun nga. HOW DO YOU USE FLASH 8? TEACH MEEEE!!!! i want to make flash presentations. but you see, if within a month i still can't get my hands on it, i'd resort to powerpoint instead. it's so much easier, but it takes a heck of an inhumane skill to make a slide pres look like a flash. and that's what i'm 'dreaming' to achieve, if ever i'd use ppt as my medium, a flash-looking art portfolio. :)

isa pa! i need a webpage designer that codes xml. i don't have the right to boast about my webpage designs if they look all skrewed up in browsers other than IE7. please please. professional help needed

hello frustrations. :\

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