the beauty in a geek

hehehe. i can't seem to shut up this day. like in the previous entry, I'M STILL DOING OUR POSTLAB REPORT FOR PHYSICS. which means, i hardly made progress since the last entry. why, even at 28.8kbps, i still find the internet alluring, and i don't seem to mind its apparent slowness. grabe.

for your information i have nothing quite interesting to share. my life, my life has been yeah, pretty much boring, well... it's average. i follow a daily routine as dictated by this semester's class schedule, nothing seemed to be out of way. to me, this compliance to a set of rules marks my developing discipline. something i totally lack last semester. i haven't been absent to class (yet)! following a routine also has its good side. it builds discipline and obedience. roight.

here's the actual reason why i decided to create another pointless entry: i'm typing on a desktop keyboard. you know, the classic noisy ones. i missed hearing them. well i'm not about to reveal my geekiness by saying the sound of typing is music to my ears, but it is quite (quite, yeah) fascinating to hear how fast i type. i just lied, it's not just quite fascinating, it's super!

okay. :)

i'm really a geek. but i'm on the dumb-geeks cluster. there's also the genius-geeks cluster, here i put the general geniuses. so you see, every stereotype have their own sub-cultures. imagine pisay students (well, those who study/have studied at the philippine science highschool), there you go... normal (referring to us, i'm not saying they're abnormal) would generalize them as geeks. but when you enter the campus, you'll see upper east-siders, cheerleaders, jocks, normal people and dumb people (by their standards). it's still a regular highschool. though knowing those won't exempt them from being venerated on the pedestal of honors and super academic know-how.

so yeah, being a dumb-geek does make me sound dumb because it's an oxymoron, but after my explanation you'll surely understand how things run through mind. and they just run, most of time in an undefined path, but nevertheless running, running, running. is that a good thing?

normal people would say yes because it's a mark of an active mind, a fast learner and a smart person.

but let me oppose to that idea. the problem with having an eternally mobile mind, an athletic pack of neurons is that they hardly pause for you to digest the idea. imgine taking an exam, you got the problem on first read, unfortunately the beijing olympics has been transferred to the humble abode of your hyperactive-ever-running neurons, before you knew it... the answer just ran past you. that is so sad.

and now that i'm about to end this entry, i want to tell you something that i'm recently picked up... right from this entry!

that geekiness, by all means, is but a sad excuse to post multiple entries with nothing substantial in it... or at least entries that people hardly gets. it's part of being geeky anyway, being left-out and unappreciated, having no one understand you at all.

yuck, now that's emo. -_-;

chills to a silly entry.

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