i didn't think they were serious

but dady says we're gonna buy a laptop tomorrow. i don't know. i don't feel excited about it. because i know, I KNOW, for a fact that my sister was the one who DEMANDED on it. it's not like my parents are doing it out of freewill. they're doing it to save a day full of complaints and childish tantrums from the err, monster. yes, she's a monster. but sometimes she's really nice. but most of the time she's a monster who wouldn't grow up and annoy people with her silly inquiries about the most obvious things in life. dmt.

i don't have money again. i thought i could save lot for this week because i got a sort of refund from my mom from paying most of the rent last month, but i guess i wasn't able to save a lot at all. though i'm still happy because i can now put whatever i have safely on my account. i'm super excited about it i just can't get my hands on it because i don't have enough money for the fare to the center mall, where i'm supposed to pick up my debit card! (eh 20 pesos yun. yuck nagkuripot) my red (personally picked!) express cash debit card! yeeeheeeey.

hehe. i've been crying like a madman since the moment i opened the computer. hehe, i'm on episode 21 of Lovely Complex!! naiiyak na nga ako eh. hahahahaha T____T;

gusto ko ng champorado! yehey

and wait, gusto ko rin pumayat?! pano ba? i think i have to cut off my food allowance and settle with cerels and milk for breakfast, half-rice and masarap na ulam for lunch hehe, and err.. half-rice and gulay for dinner.... hehehe

pero may mas madaling paraan. SUMALI SA ORG! sa isang kupal na org, better yet...soro... tyak na papayat ako nun. like last year. hahahaha


hmmm... hindi na ko mangugupal sa mga huling magrereport sakin. i can feel the karma. lam nyo yun, nagaral ako ng madugo pero ang jologs parin nung quiz ko. cge cge, mabait na ko. isa pa, may exam na ko this week at ayoko maconsume ang braincells ko sa pangugupal. ayoko naaa.

wala naman talaga silang matututunan sakin, well wala naman talaga akong gustong ituro sa kanila... nangt-trip lang ako. >___>; sabi ko nga, may mapupulot ka sa lahat ng tao.. kahit yung walang intensyong magturo sayo ng leksyon. ganun naman talaga eh... kaya wag nyong sabihin wala akong kwenta magpareport! hahaha

hm, kung ako ang magrereport sa sarili ko feeling ko wala talaga akong kwenta. haha

hala, nadedepress nanaman ako. hindi dahil dun. feeling ko gusto ko nanaman lumipat. sht.

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