why does this day have to be so full of you? i knoooow, you're so past the majorcrush stage you've actually turned into someone i love. and i must admit, i'm trying to suppress the feeling. uhm but  i also know for a fact that doing so doesn't really do so. so sometimes i just let things remind me of you, it's not like it happens voluntarily haha but it happens a lot, so that's quite a problem. or not. you're like an intersect, everything i flash on extracts memories of you. i don't really intend to sound like i'm so love sick, but i guess that's the best way to describe me right now. minus the sick thing. cos even though i'm sick, it's not because of love. i hope i'm not being cheesy. argh.

anyway. i suddenly regret always pretending to be unaffected with your ''endeavors with women''. the truth is, i hated each and every one of them. except for the first girl you told me about, cos we come along pretty well. but the others. no. way. maybe because i don't know them personally. but you know. if i could be totally honest with you i'd tell you how ugly it is for a guy to hook up with so many girls successively and in short intervals. i hated you a lot because of that. he.he.he.he.he.he.

i don't know if you'll be able to read this. it's been a while and i wonder if you still go here. 

cheese alert.
so i'll just keep you in my heart, and do nothing. unless. >:|
anyway, i've got Yeorim as a majorcrush, so i've got someone to stare at. actually, i've managed to plot out his MTH schedule already. sorry. can't help it.

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