this day i realized that while there are things that are meant to be yours -- things that will just come to you naturally, things that the universe conspired to give you -- the real pleasure lies in acquiring something that you know you deserve, without the cosmos handing it over to you as grace, you know, things that you counter-flowed for. there are things worth fighting for. it's not always fate working its way to give you what you want or least expect. it's not all about waiting, searching for signs and wishing the universe would agree to what your heart says. sometimes you have to exercise your authority over your life, stop waiting for the cosmic fabric to fucking conspire, bend it to your will. cos when it does, the waiting stops. the world is yours. remember that a blessing is different from a reward. one is free, the other isn't. we begin to see that there's so much more we could own if learn to realize how well we deserve the certain things the world didn't serve for us in a platter. i'm talking about the more powerful things in life like power and money. you earn these things. they don't apparate like your soulmate. conflict, maybe, when you think it's not meant for you. well, you don't stop there. you don't stop by acknowledging that you don't deserve what's not meant for you. argh. mojo lost.

below is something i doodled while studying for networking. >:) it turned out quite a bishounen so i'm posting it here! wahahaha!

good news. i just applied for smartbro postpaid. that's 999 a month. whew. time to cut off MORE on expenses and, well, earn MORE. haha

another good news. my parents bought me a BIKE as an advanced birthday gift! i'm finally gonna be able to learn how to ride on one! HAHAHA loser much but yeah, that's about how boring my childhood was.

something bad. i was eating pizza 3am this morning and a part of my molar chipped off! and i thought i just bit on an accidental pebble on my pizza but it turned out it was my teeth! fucking sheeez. that's a friggin molar! i'm not even sure if it's an entire molar or a just fraction of it. it sure feels awkward having a toothless gap. T_T; whyyy??? but i brush twice a day? right. not enough. i know. hmm, this could be helpful to my diet! i can't eat ice cream now! uhm, yeheeey?!

DQ is such a fucking temptation. why did it have to be closer?! i remember wishing for SMF to have one, and now that is has one... arggggghhhh. next, YOSHINOYA please. >:)

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