honestly, my 20th was just a regular day. no heavy anticipation or anything. maybe because there's nothing more i could ask for. i have a very supportive family devoid of any stressful issues, i have friends who make me laugh everyday, i have a job so to speak, and i'm doing well with my studies. aside from material stuff, what more could i ask for? i'm not deprived of the good things in life. i may not have everything. but i've got everything i need. 

well for the most part i just watched my wall get flooded with greetings. come midnight and the wall posts are pouring in, by the end of the day i've got 150+. That's all, that's what i did the entire day. i spent it like a regular holiday. 

during the morning we came to my auntie's gravesite. She died on my birthday 4 years ago, and every year we go pay a visit and eat breakfast there with our relatives. >:)

we had spaghetti but i told mom to just send it to the neighbors and my cousins rather than invite them it, LOL bad time to be anti-social but i'm in no mood to entertain. i didn't know what tired me, but i slept the entire afternoon off.

now that i'm 20, my friends are telling me that i should get a boyfriend. i don't know. i can't even tell if a guy is interested. i tend to avoid guys who are leaning too close, specially when i don't have (or can't envision having) special feelings for them. the closest i have to a boyfriend is a bestfriend, but of course, that's still totally far off. just sayin. >:) back when i still lived in LB, we used to discuss about our ideal guys, and my housemates would, after rationalizing, conclude that i just needed a bestfriend, not exactly a boyfriend. i still agree, yknow. though i don't think that still holds. i want a bestfriend, that's just mine. possesive! bwahaha like a boyfriend yeah, but that's a bit too scary for me. err idk.

i mean. uhm. i kinda developed trust issues after finding out stuff about my friends. now i can't just tell anyone about my secrets anymore. which is, you know, just me and my crushes. HAHA

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