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can i say something about the field trip? i know it wasn't worth 1,200 and the itinerary wasn't even met halfway. BUT I HAD FUN. i was complaining about the dullness of the tour and all the unsolicited side trips, but then i never expected it to be worth it in the first place. i came there for the subject incentives and my friends. and i believe that that's already worth 1,200. seeing that 5 of my subjects are throwing project incentives for it, that's like paying 240 per project. not bad. but that only works for people like me who joined for the same reason, which is what? 90% of the attendees. so really now, how can you complain like the trip was a total waste? surely that's worth, give or take, 20% of your final gradeS. i don't mind paying 1,200 for that. which isn't to say that the trip was worth it. LOL

well if you're gonna take it on the whole "field trip" perspective, it surely wasn't worth it. sure there were flaws, A LOT actually. but lemme tell you this, everybody knows that. so there's totally no need to RUB IT IN FURTHER (LOL i could only hope i'm not being ironic here). even the organizers know that. i can assure that everybody joined WITHOUT expectations, so why complain like you expected a lot?

here's what i can vouch for. NO ONE EXPECTED THE TOUR TO BE FUN (at least outside the bus). and if i may negate that, EVERYONE EXPECTED THE TOUR TO BE NOT FUN. and guess what, our expectations were met! so what's all the ruckus about.

if there's anyone who should complain, it should be those who expected the other way around hahahaha.

nothing really. just watching along the sidelines.
but you know what's ticking me off? see title above.

not taking sides cos i have friends on both parties. just trying to stay objective. on the bus level, i had fun. everyone did. that's probably the best that happened. and it's something to be thankful for.

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