just a dream

LSS with Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui's version of Just a Dream by Nelly (search it up on youtube).

anyway. my time's up, i should be heading out of duty, but... duty calls in! i'm currently watching over mam Sano's ITC-14 class. they're taking a quiz, i'm facebooking, and later imma do some class evaluations. ALL OFF DUTY. but i don't mind really. i've never really done anything extremely taxing so no harm doing all these. it's not like they're additional tasks. besides, i'm bored.

i have a friend who claims she doesn't miss anyone. i mean, she doesn't have that feeling of missing someone. is that even possible? isn't the mere recollection/reminscing process an indication of missing someone/something? my guess is, she knows how to miss someone, but she's not very vocal about it. or maybe she has it deep inside but she's in denial. i wish i could tell this to her but i'm afraid we're not that close. anyhow, just my two cents. missing someone is a natural feeling. everybody misses somebody. i know cos i do. and of course it doesn't apply only to those who are romantically attached.

i found out something about Sun Cellular's Flexi 50 promo. when the promo has expired and you haven't used up the entire 50 pesos, the remaining balance will revert to being a regular load! NOW THAT'S COOL. i thought, when the time's up and i wasn't able to finish my 50 bucks in 5 days, Sun's gonna eat it all up. Like the rest of the globe. HAHAH pun intended! go figure.

oryt. later! >:)

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