switched to sun

uhh, finally i decided to move to sun. globe has been good to me, as far as keeping in touch with friends is concerned. however, it eats up a lot of my money. and the signal is really bad in our home.

with sun, i can save a lot. never mind if most of my friends use Globe. i'll use sun cos it's practical.

tomorrow, we'll be having a field trip at subic. this one day trip cost me 1,200 and the agenda isn't even half the fun compared to 500 @ E.K. i'm counting on the BUS ride tho. you know, i had to make stressful arrangements just to organize our bus so that all of my friends are in the same bus, in the their preferred seating arrangements. it stressed me out really. i don't appreciate strangers asking to change places. they piss me off.

and RA?! my favorite laughing mate isn't sure to come. she's supposed to be my seatmate! i'm looking forward pa naman to a lot of tawanan. but oh well. >:''(( why.

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