remember D? we don't know each other personally BUT just awhile ago, something happened that led me to actually speak to him. not in a friendly friend way though. thing is my friend found something that belongs to him, and when he was looking for it i was the one in charge so i ushered him to the guard BLAH BLAH BLAH. i couldn't get over it. seriously. he was too thankful. ♥♥♥

when my friend brought out the lost item, i knew it belonged to someone in their class cos they used the room where it was found. i sorta hoped that it would be his but dismissed the thought cos, what are the chances, really? i didn't expect it tho. i really didn't.

i didn't even get the chance to tidy myself up. what a shame.

this is too cool. of all the people who could own the thing, it happened to him! my majorcrush (as of 2nd tri, 2010)!!!! and to think that he just confirmed me at FB! wow. this is getting real. >:) he's finally going to smile for me! you know, as acquaintances. or like, as a gesture of gratitude for finding his valuable. well, technically, i wasn't the one who found it but i asked my friend for permission to give me full credit for finding the thing because i needed his "attention" more. uhm.

anyway. it's not like we're finally friends. hahaha
i'm just too happy.

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