i was trying to hypnotize myself to sleep by watching a vid at youtube but got too scared at the comments, so many people are asking if a monster is gonna pop out and scream somewhere in the video. i'm tired of that kind of sick joke. i hate anything scary. i haven't started the video and i don't think i could ever start with it. it's 8 fucking minutes long, it's supposed to make me sleep but the comments made me more awake. there's so much fear in me. OTL

ever since i got tricked into watching vids with scary screaming monster popping at the end, i always check the time span of the video before loading it. if it's <= 30 secs. chances are, a monster's gonna scream the hell out of you (or most likely, me). same goes for a picture wanting you to look closer to find a hidden item in it. they're all the same. they're all monsters. 

i'm gonna watch chuck.

you know, i've been eating too much ice cream lately. i'm not even depressed. i'm trying to get thinner. but oh well. >:|


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