Singapore Day 3: Bugis Junction, Central Perk, Lau Pa Sat again!

Today we planned on buying pasalubong, so where else should we be headed to?

Bugis Junction

Nothing has changed since the last time I went here. The place sells all kinds of pasalubong you would want to take home. From shirts, ref magnets, chocolates, and other items, this is pretty much a Greenhills of sorts. 

We chanced upon a dragon and lion parade while shopping. Seems like Chinese New Year celebration isn't over yet! In fact, it's Valentines week but we hardly felt love in the air lol, it's all lanterns and lions and dragons dancing around.

We ate at the food center where I we got Pho, Chicken wings, fries, and milk tea.

Central Perk

After roaming around Bugis, we took the bus to Central Mall well Central Perk is. I think it was a deliberate choice to put the Friends themed restaurant at this mall haha. We were only allowed to take pictures on certain areas because we weren't dining in.

Cute place!

Lau Pa Sat again!

After Central Perk we took the bus to Lau Pa Sat so eat dinner. It's become our favorite place haha. We ate Indian food (of course), and the ate there was kind enough to give use free pakoras because she learned we were from the Philippines! Our dinner didn't cost of $10, can you believe it. Sobrang sulit.

Parkroyale on Pickering

While walking to our bus stop we chanced upon this super gandang hotel woooow sobrang lush ng lumot or kung ano man yan. Love it!

Aaaaand there you go! Went back to the hotel tired, full, and looking forward to the next day!


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