Is another day I'm late for work. Aaarghh.

Which is why I finally bought a weekly planner, so that I can log my daily goals like no lates, no rice, drink water, exercise daily, etc. It's just something to push me to become more accountable. I'm never a planner person but we'll see if this method works hahaha.

Also, I'm so out of hope with the frkn exam. I read something in the forums that immensely validated the impending doom I'm about to plummet into. I have to frkn code. On paper. Oh this is Nokia all over again, which I failed twice. And I accept that, 'cos I know I'm not that smart. But wth if the type of analysts they want to get are R&D level testers, I'm sooooo out of the game.

And that kinda made me feel better. At least I don't have to try too hard. I mean I'm so sure I'm no good when there's coding involved argh.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Holiday. I already informed my client that I won't be taking any writing tasks for the next two weeks so I'm pretty free right now! :D

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