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Supermoon in sight!

I didn't really want to break my SG Diary blog series by posting a Life Lately in between, but well, I just want to update my dear blog about what's happening with my life.


Highlight of this month is still the Singapore trip, the recruitment process to be exact.

I'm so glad the exam week is finally over, that means I can stop stressing about the ISTQB Foundation Level chuchu and forget about scripting for a while. Because you know what, after that week, I just know in myself I lost all chances of making it to NZ or AU or wherever the heck they could ship me to. 

I totally blew the technical exam. 

I told you, any form of technical assessment is a kryptonite for me. I can study for objective exams and practice for interviews, but to demonstrate my skills live with someone on the other end looking at my screen? I'M DEAD.

The practical exam was simple. I just have to record a search engine site and perform a search, also while capturing the Search Suggestion requests. So okay, I pulled up good 'ol vugen and played around with it. I was able to record the transaction alright, while still being clueless about what Search Suggestion is.
During scripting, my assessor stopped me a couple of times to ask some questions about why I did this and that, and what's the logic behind doing this and that, and so on. he even taught me a simpler way to perform a text check, to which I responded with amazement.

He had so many questions and I answered them all wrong. I also did one very concerning thing during the scripting process which he pointed out, that I have literally no excuse for, except for my apparent inexperience.

After the assessment, I came home super defeated. I realized that after all, I didn't have what it takes to be a Performance Tester at a consulting level. That everything I learned about this skill is frkn outdated. And that I've accumulated so many bad practices along the way. 

Now I want to unlearn everything and start anew. It can't be good that I suck this much at what I consider my specialty.

Nonetheless, it was a good run. Definitely a different kind of application experience. It was very arduous, expensive, and intense. I'm on the 4th stage of the recruitment process and while it pains to be considered not fit for the role at this point, I'll bring home with me a ton of learnings!

If there's one thing I'm proud of myself, that is finishing the frkn ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus in two weeks. Reading it was so frkn enlightening. 

Oh well! Let the waiting continue!


As I mentioned before, and I still feel the same way, I'm not ready to leave, assuming there's an opportunity. Work is starting to pile on our laps now, the kind of work that I enjoy doing. Ever since we introduced RPA to the different teams, we've been getting a lot of automation requests. It's exciting! And just last week, after I came back from SG, we attended a 4-day UIPath training. It was very insightful and educational. It's very rare that I get to see the value in what I do so there's a part in me that wants to cultivate this further. My goodness I love this company. 

Also, SURPRISE! My manager just informed me a few hours ago, and very casually too like 'tara kain' ganong level lol,  that we have an RPA presentation tomorrow with our deparment's core team (CIO and directors of the technology group). *gulps* Jusko. Sir, I appreciate the faith and I know how easy it is for you to speak in public and all, BUT ME?! I need at least a day's notice. T___T


It's been three weeks since my last writing task and I'm not sure if I'm ready to take more right now. I think I want to wait for the job results first before I decide if I'm still keen on working extra. If I get a job offer, I would have to continue writing because we would badly need the extra income to proceed with the application (Visa, IELTS, processing fees, etc.). If I don't get an offer though, that means I could stop writing because there would be no immediate need for money. Haha

Oh well. We'll see.

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