I'm not ready

What a beautiful dawn

I feel like I'm chasing at the wrong thing right now. So remember how I was stressing about studying for the exam and the technical assessment, I think most of it was because I didn't want to waste the almost 50k we spent on flights and accommodation. 
But after reading the entire foundation level syllabus, I realized that there's still soooo little I know in the testing industry, and that everything I've learned so far, I'm excited to apply at work. Not elsewhere, but here, where I am. Heck I'm actually concerned about my job, that's new.

I'm at a great place and I'm doing good. I can see the value in my work, and I feel valued too. I have never felt this way in my entire career. I feel like I've found THE company I want to grow old with. Nevermind that corporations are really just being fake concerned about its people, what's important is that there's synergy between us, and that I'm getting paid right.

So anyway. I guess this is just me saying I'll do the best I can to go as far as possible in the recruitment process. Not really my goal to move out, but we'll see where God takes me in this journey! :)

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