Singapore Day 2: Old Airport Rd. Food Centre, Jollibee, and the Gym!

We didn't have anything touristy planned for our second day, being it's my exam day and I'm stressed enough as it is just thinking about it. The real reason we came to Singapore is to attend a recruitment roadshow where I was invited to take an exam, and attend a technical interview and assessment.
Today is the day I take the much anticipated exam. And what can I say, WHEW! I'm so glad it's over. Unlike other applicants where the exam will determine whether they get to the next stages or not, my case was different because I was being pooled for a more technical position. It means that apart from the exam results, I had to attend the interview and technical assessment scheduled 3 days after, before they can fully consider whether I'm a good fit for the post. 

Anyway, after the exam, Jeckie and I decided to visit a hawker nearby.

Nothing much on Old Airport Rd. Food Centre

I saw this being listed as one of the best hawkers in Singapore, but when we came there, we couldn't find anything we like to try. There's not much variety. Most of the stalls sell Chinese or Singaporean. Not a lot of Indian and Southeast Asian options. I wonder why the parking always looks packed.

And so we left.

Jollibee at Paya Lebar Square

We were getting hungry to so we decided to visit the closest Jollibee in our place. That would be at Paya Lebar Square, and so we took the bus going there.

Come dinner time, the line already snaked outside.

The verdict? They taste different. Just look at the chicken and spaghetti, they look so different from what we have here in the Philippines! Don't get me wrong, they're both super tasty. Even the Yum Burger we ordered tasted good, but it's nowhere near how our local favorites taste like. The Jollibee here tastes better for me, but it doesn't remind me of home. 

Gym time!

We managed to squeeze in some workout during the wee hours of the night. I don't really workout, but Jeckie has to because they have a Biggest Loser challenge going on at work and he can't afford to gain too much from this trip haha!

Aaaand, that's about it!

I told you there's not much about this day! Although you know, I've come to love riding the bus because of the scenery! ❤


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