While waiting...

While waiting for my script to finish running, I'm writing this post to express how loaded with work I feel right now.

I have a testing project that's taking sooooo friggin long because the stakeholders required for several machines to be tested. With 5 scenarios running in 5 iterations for each machine, we're talking about weeks and weeks of testing which isn't gonna end until early April.

Anyway. Aside from that I have other pending tasks, two RPA projects in the requirements gathering stage, a re-testing project, pending meetings to discuss more RPA projects with other teams (oh boy, everyone wants to get a taste of this bot and I don't think our team could handle the demand), and two RPA presentations this week. Add to that, we have visitors in the office. Meaning there are lots of social functions that we need to attend aka opportunity for free food. I would love to be able to attend to all of them but I'm too swamped to be even bothered.

Outside of work I have a wedding invite to finish and a map to re-illustrate. Hay Lord, give me strength. I'm kinda thankful though 'cos I have no writing tasks recently! They must've forgotten about me, which is a good thing for now.

I'm already more than 30 minutes over time and I'm mentally begging this script to finish running so I could go home to my husband, who's sick.

>> Script execution done.

Yosh, time to go!

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