Singpore Day 1: Holiday Inn, Lau Pa Sat, and Marina Bay

My husband and I spent 5 days in Singapore last week and here's how it went down!

Bye Manila, you won't be missed.

It was our first international trip together so we were sooo excited. We toured a lot, spent a lot on food, and made really good memories of the place! Singapore is insanely impressive. The technology, the infrastructure, the cleanliness and discipline definitely reminded us how much our own country sucked. Jeckie and I contemplated a lot about how stark the contrast is and what seems to be wrong with our motherland. Is corruption really to blame? Overpopulation? Lack of education? Urgh. Anyway. We arrived at Changi International airport on Saturday and spent the night at my cousin's house before moving to our hotel the next day. Was able to get to know my cousin-in-law better, and also got to play with my cutie patootie Filipino-French nephew!

It was so generous of them to let us stay for the night. I love love love their place, if I were to live in a condo for the rest of our lives I'd want something with a similar layout as theirs! Super airy!


Our first legit Hainanese Chicken Rice experience

Before we left for our hotel, we ate lunch at a nearby food court. Jeckie and I ordered Hainanese Chicken rice, as is part of our food agenda, and we were blooooown away. It's so good. I didn't think we'd experience this kind of quality at a food court.

Checked in at Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

We checked in at the hotel around 3pm. I made a review of Holiday Inn Express Katong here. It's great and really sulit. I'm here saying we kindof splurged on this trip. Overall we spent almost ~₱70k on the six nights we stayed in SG. ₱21k for the flights, ₱25k for the hotel accommodation, the rest is for food, pasalubong, transportation, and amusement fees. No regrets!

Discovered Lau Pa Sat

Inside Lau Pa Sat aka Telok Ayer Market

Our agenda for Sunday is to commute to my exam venue, so I won't get lost tomorrow. After heading there and learning the directions, we explored the place and found Lau Pa Sat, a hawker in the middle of the CBD.

Outdoor seating for Satay feasts

IT WAS AWESOME. Probably my favorite hawker, at least among the ones we visited (Lau Pa Sat, Old Airport Rd, Albert Centre, and Satay by the Bay).

Delicious Indian food

We looked around and found so many food options. Singaporean, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and there's even Adobo Connection and Sisig Society for your Pinoy food cravings. But of course, we had to get Indian food! IT WAS SOOOOO FRKN GOOOOD! Definitely the best Chicken Tikka Masala I've had. The Naan bread was super soft, and the vegetable samosa is very flavorful.

We also discovered Thai Milk Tea, or Ice Teh Susu in Hawker menu. We don't usually drink Milk Tea, but grabe Loooord ano ba to and sarap ng Thai milk tea!!!!

First time to eat Satay. Sobrang havey!

We were curious about Satay so we tried 1 order (10 sticks for $7). The Satay stalls are situated outside the hawker along the street, and they serve chicken, beef, mutton, and prawn meat Satay. I thought it was gonna taste like your usual ihaw ihaw or barbecue pero LOOOOOORD ano nanaman toooo. Kakaiba sya. Ang sarap huhu. The sweet peanut sauce is perfect too. 

Got lost around Marina Bay

After eating we walked (aka got lost) around Marina Bay, effectively circling the entire area lol. No regrets though!

We passed through The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands...

... looked around the Louis Vuitton store, and also caught Spectra - A Light &Water Show. It's a free outdoor night event outside The Shoppes. We only learned about the show when we got lost in the mall. So, buti na lang! :D

I loved the music during the entire show. We got wet a bit so I would suggest to bring an umbrella next time haha. The show was culminated with a spectacular fireworks display.

While waiting at the bus stop we were greeted with another fireworks display! I thought this was pahabol from Spectra but I think it's from a different show? Grabe ang ganda ganda nyaaaaa! We were lucky we went here on a Sunday evening, we didn't think we'd be entertained the whole time! 

Gee, SG ❤


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