It's a good day today

I feel like God cushioned my fall with lovely stuff today so it wouldn't hurt so much that I didn't make it to PlanIt. Everyone assigned to AU has been called already and I didn't get a call or email, so it's safe to assume I'm out of the game! I'm still waiting for the official rejection letter but that's gonna take another week I believe after they've processed all the contracts of successful applicants.
Of course it's sad, and it's mostly because we spent a lot of money to attend the roadshow. Then again, it's not like I'm itching to leave my current company, cos man I love it here. I'm thankful though for the experience. I've never applied for an overseas job before and this kindof opened a different realm for me. 

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Free skincare items

I got this lot from our neighborhood decluttering group FOR FREE!

I've been wanting to try Witch Hazel because of the hype so it's cool I get to sample it without shelling out a dime. So I got two toners, a citrus serum, a base UV, a nude and vegan lipstick, and a tarte blush-on. And all of them work well on my skin! I'm loving the UV base specifically because I can use it before heading to work and it's so light on the skin too. I've been meaning to switch to suncreen products but most of the products I test give off an ugly white cast sooo hmmm.

Our house is clean lol

Yep, that's clean! The floor has been mopped, the surfaces wiped of dust, electric fan is cleaned, aircon filter is cleaned, the toilet is cleaned. It's a refreshing feeling coming home to this. Thank God for cleaners! 

New phone!

Our company issued me a new phone yesterday because my current plan has expired already. New firm standard is iPhone XR and I'm part of the pilot batch to receive the unit! Yey! Actually what I was really looking forward to is buying out my old phone for only 1k. So now the iPhone 7 is mine! Yehey!

Long time no Primo Iced Coffee

It's been an awfully long time since I last had Iced Mocha from Costa. The barista even greeted me with a long time no see. It's sooooo refreshing tasting it again. The real reason I decided to go to Costa is to kindof treat myself after failing PlanIt. Heck, I'm not about to wallow in misery at the unfortunate result of my application. So I thought of buying myself a slice of cake and a large cup of americano from Family Mart. But the idea of drinking Costa Iced Coffee sounds more soothing. This is a better gift, a better band aid so to speak. And so I indulged.

The usual at Go Salads

After getting my drink at Costa I ate dinner at Go Salads and ordered the usual. Yep, I'm already starting to heal lol.

New kitchen things!

Today I decided to over-reward myself. I've had this on my wishlist for so long but was so tamad to head over at Landmark to get it. Finally, today is the day. I got a 24cm steamer insert and also a lemon press! Now we can make siomai, buy frozen siopao, and steam the hell out of everything. Also, I can finally make lemon garlic ginger concoctions much easier.


Apparently, some failures remind you that life isn't so bad and that you do deserve to get some things naman. Like great coffee, a steamer basket, and a lemon press lol. Or maybe that's my subconscious response at failing. If I can't land a job down under, at least I can get this frkn steamer basket without having to prove anything haha! 

Oh Lord, let your will be done. ❤

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