Feeling lost

Venue of the 2nd RPA Philippines Summit

Our water supply is back to normal

I guess it's been a week since our water is back to normal. We returned our excess water containers to my parents and just kept 15 gallons worth of empty ones, which is as much as we can keep given our small space. It's good to have water back. Really. Metro-wide water crisis isn't over yet but I think we have stable water supply where we live. Thank God!

I attended the 2nd RPA Philippines Summit

It was really insightful, being seated with delegates from various companies hoping to setup their own RPA team. It's also great listening to those who have already successfully deployed a robotic workforce on such a large scale. I enjoyed listening to the huddles, not really pitching in, but just trying to soak in knowledge from the experts. After the two day summit it just dawned on me how much work needs to be done in order to put things in the right place. From creating a governing unit for all things RPA, to funneling the tasks in order of priority, to managing sprints, to deploying them right, and so on and on and on...

It's freaking overwhelming.

Now I don't know where my career is headed

I was reading through my mailbox the other day and saw a job posts notification from LinkedIn. I'm not actively looking, I usually ignore job alerts, but I read through the list anyway, curious if there's anything new that fits me after I've added UIPath RPA in my skills portfolio.

There was none.

I joined the company as a Performance Tester but I never really got to hone it here. Instead of focusing on one track I was exposed to different things. I learned functional testing, php web development, and now I'm dabbling into RPA too. Initially I thought it was cool, I'm an all around QA who can read code and make robotic workflows. But where does that put me? I don't even know what position to search for in Jobstreet anymore. :(

Makes me wonder where I would be right now if I had accepted TCS' offer last year. What was I thinking turning down a six digit offer with a clearer career path? If I had joined them and had a few months to work on my Performance Testing skills before applying at PlanIt, would I have passed the technical assessment? Would I be offered a job at Australia or New Zealand?

Hay Lord. I feel like I'm being led to too many paths right now that I'm starting to get lost.

Out of sidelines, full of rest

Now that I have more free time after work I can finally enjoy watching KDramas, and probably even go back to reading! Yehey! But of course, we all know I'm just gonna end up lounging and doing nothing on social media. :P

Oh, I already received a rejection email from PlanIt

Not exactly a rejection letter, but I was put on wait list for the next six months. And knowing that some people on the wait list already got called with an offer makes me a hopeless case. Oh well, it's probably not my time yet. Who knows.

What I do know right now is that I want to get a job out of this country hahaha. Where do I find companies that offer relocation benefits extended to their family? XD

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