Uhh late post

I completely forgot about this lol. Written last Monday haha.

Fire alarm went off in our building earlier during work and we were told to evacuate. We don't know the reason yet. Some say it started at B1 parking level, some say it started from B4 or B5. Nobody knows. I thought it was a drill, so I'm surprised it was an actual emergency. First time I experienced this. Yikes.
One of the blazers I tried on

I got myself a blazer for tomorrow's conference because the dress code says business attire and I only have a lanky company jacket with me. Picture above isn't the one I got though haha. I got myself a simple black blazer that's it 'cos I'm not too confident wearing other colors lol. 

Aaaand since we're on the dressing room now lol, let me just share a couple of outfits I tried a few months back while looking for something to wear for my friend's wedding.

I was looking for something to match the pink floral skirt. Black off shoulder looked okay but it's black. White undergarment looked okay but I didn't have a pretty cover up to match. 

I also tried on this dress but it's too dark. Eventually I got the maroon boat neck top lol. Love the mirrors here, I look less fat hehe.

Yeah that's it for the late post hehe.

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