before.. what i consider my worst nightmare is that when our family are being chased by some figureless smoke [duh] and once it catches any of us... our bodies will be trapped in an aquarium... floating with only our torso in it.. plus the head...

now... my worst nightmare's not scary as in pasado pang horror plus thriller movie pero... ah basta eto sha..

wala.. i broke my three front teeth plus two molar teeth na puro permanent... sabay sabay pa... tapos my hands...gaaahh! blood filled... tapos i remembered the superstition na when you had a dream wherein nalagasan ka ng ipin.. someone from your family will die... tapos i had a dream nnman afterwards... my mom will die daw...oh no. i read it would be on the 19th of december... which already passed away so i thought it was.. sa 2005 pa.. tapos in my dream i joined this program wherein it enables you to talk to ur dead lovedone... tapos wala... nakita ko dun c andy (my classm8)... she was guiding me thru the progam... ewan ko kung bat sha nandun... tapos there was this certain lola celebrity na sobrang paranoid with the news she heard na she'll die daw in 1,980 days..tapos she's battling it na nga eh.. tapos un.. i also saw some seniors from our school.. hiding.. i mean squeezing themselves in a cabinet... how wierd could dreams get? tapos un... and to think.. i was doing the 'talk to the dead' program when my mom is still alive at that moment? wla.. sabi dun.. think of a place where your dead loved one could be in.. tapos nagisip ako

inisip ko nsa room nila sha.. tapos bigla na lng may nagflash na 'selection of ways o talk' sa mind ko.. e duh malamang pipiliin ko.. mouth.. para tlgang talk noh! ang funny nga ng mga selections eh.. nose! ear! hands ( mejo pwede pa) feet! (so anu on.. sspain mo?)

tapos un...

i onced told myself na pag sa isang dream naisip mo na 'hindi! panaginip lang to' magigising ka na.. pero during the scene of the broken teeth naisip ko na 'no! dream lang toh!'...i was still in the dream... hindi ako nagising or something... para shang bangungot.. tapos edi gising na ko... iyak ako na iyak... tapos i hurriedly check mom on the other room.. she's sleeping tapos grabe iyak parin ako (soundless) tapos i went to the prayer room to pray...

i told God na sorry.. dahil naging faithless ako.. na mas naniniwala ako sa superstition and dreams kesa sa inyo... sinabi ko pa na kung may kukunin kayo.. ako na lng..todo na feel ko tlga...-_- i love my family.. i was sobbing/sniffing/crying/wailing (o.O) when i told him na wag nyong kunin ung three most important people in my life... instead.. take me na lng...

ayun... i soo hate that dream.. sana hindi na lang ako natulog... -_-

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