geom killed me

i'm dead by now... so don't even think about continuing on reading this post...-_-...i hate our geom test awhile ago.. not really hate.. i mean i was d first one to pass the paper because i really need to go 2 the clinic... just yesterday i'm already suffering the deadly illness of having flu and sore throat....-_- and that brings me to the necessity of bringing paracetamol biogesic everyday.. but unfortunately, i gave my last tablet to a friend who's in terrible need than me.. so there sa clinic i asked for a tablet and i took it immediately...

i know that would keep me from collapsing on the long walk ahead...

i bought mashed potato.. just to fill in my angry stomach before going to commute on my way home... i walked with larz.. and GOOD LORD! we saw hannah on the way out mapayapa 2 and offered us a ride to the guardhouse...^_^; thank you...

so that was the end of my journey with larz.. but yet again... every ending has a beginning.. that moment was the start of my looong loooonnng journey... so there.. walk walk walk walk walk... i became consious when schoolbuses from our school passed by me...-_-;;

anyway.. i walked from mapayapa 2 up to FEU fern.. collected suki and continued my long walk again... this time i decided to take the route to mapayapa 3 instead of pinkian [dami tambay eh]... walk walk walk... it really seems endless...-_-... tapos i wanted jump with joy once i reached the end of mangga st! haayyy... kay saya... from there i took the tricycle hanggang bahay..

imagine nyo na lng kung gano kalayo nilakad ko... tapos just when i thought that this is a good start to begin losing weight...i recalled may cadburry chocoalte p pla ko sa bhay.. so un... dahil ako'y gutom na gutom... kumain ako nag isang malaking bar ng chocolate! huwaaawwww.. hindi na ko ppyat!

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