since i'm not in the mood to make a sensible title... ung time na lng...

haaayy... i'm really depressed with what i discovered w/ psp7 [adobe photoshop 7.0]... =( you can't make a moving avatar.. anyway... care ko ba... it still has a lot of features to enjoy.. so why sulk for that small reason...

tapos un... 2nd post for the day ko na to ah... haay.. i'm slowly getting over the traggic story of my 'lost paperbag of gifts'..-_-... isa lng ang nagppgalit skin...-- the possibility na angkinin nung gahamang nakadampot nun ung mga gifts dun..which is not really for her.. whoever that moron is...-_-

haayyy... galing ako kna karla knina.. nagsasaya... hahahaaaa...

anyone! PSP7 tutorial nman o? npka complicated ng mga binabasa kong tutorials.. boring pa... nothing to stimulate my curiosity -_-


naadik nnman sa slam dunk... ewan ko ba.. i do like sports... pero i can't consider myself sporty...-_- i think it comes with your ability... -_-

hahaaa.. gusto ko maging sporty!

i remember one time.. nung bumili c mommy ng clothes sa bench... for once i dreamed to become a model.. wala lng.. inggit ako sa mga endorsers ng maga2ndang clothes while i confine myself in bargaining the dep't store.. [as if my makukuha kang png bargain price don..-_-]whatever tlga..


talk about basketball... ang saya ulit-ulitin ung slam dunk [anime sha... so there.. feel free to think i'm a freak you discriminative (???) being] panu banaman ksi... bukod sa gwapo c rukawa and sendoh... aliw pa ung games nila... and since i just claimed the title of 'the yaoi goddess'...you can guess what i'm thinking with the two.. hahahaaaaaa...

ang cool ng games pero parang impossible...

if you compare them to the actual human NBA players, they're nothing pero if you look at the kind of stunts they play... prang above the NBA level paa... ano kaya un..-_-;; i mean, fade away, box 1.... etc..

melodia: haynaku arianaaaa.... compare daw ba ang anime sa people..-_-

arianne: *blinks* i forgot to tell you my other female counterpart.. melodia... actually.. matagal ko na sha naintroduce.. but b/c i never mentioned her aside from that one post... here she goes again...

arianne: meron p pla.. i do have a male counterpart too.. but he's rather passive on this kind of thing... blogging... until..

adrian: i just read something that spells b-a-s-k-e-t-b-a-l-l right?

melodia: stupid...


i'm really getting delirious here... nevermind the two.. arianne's still here...aside from being an occasionally self-accepted freak... i'm also one big wierdo when it comes to conversing with my two other counterparts...-_-;;


i miss my lost gifts.. my lost cheap gifts.. sabi nga ni ate theresa... nawala raw kasi ang cheap... karma daw yun for not buying the expensive ones.. and now she's suggesting me to buy another set of gifts????

-_-;; iyak naaa kooo!

ang haba nman nitong post natoh...


lam nyo ba ung kay jose de venecia? poor daughter tlga..-_-.. ang daming nmmtay ngaun ah... i wonder how we're going to celebrate this xmas with smiles on our facesss...

i need more giftsss! ^___^

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