at last! exam week's over!!! hahahahaaaaa.... haay salamat... at least i can get some rest! ^_^ anyway... still have to go to karla's haus later...wahahahaaaaa....gotta update my wishlist... just got my xmas gift from adri! ^__^ heeehheeee... i now have an adobe photoshop 7.0!

but up to now i'm still figuring out on how to use it...


sooper badtrip tlga ko sa skul.. i lost my papemelrotti paperbag with ALL my gifts there.. i mean ung gifts na ipamimigay ko! leche! kung cno man nakakuha nun.. kahit next yr ibalik aus lng.. wag mo lng angkinin! ang kapal naman...-__-

i almost cried.. pero hell...nahihiya na nga ko dhil ang ch-cheap ng gifts ko tapos mawawala paaaaaaa!!!...

huwaaaahhh!!! =(

ughh... wish me luck on finding it na lng...

anyways.... naaliw ako sa gift ni larz! it's a giant palito lighter! haha.. aliw...


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