10:00 am

just came back from church... it was sooo cold i had to bring my jacket.. anyway after that we dropped by lola mamang to take the caserole from yesterday's party then we proceed to auntie gene to..i dunno.. i guess just to pay a visit coz we didn't attend their party yesterday. .e kasi naman sabay sabay,,,

tapos un.. auntie celia and ate raquel were here.. i don't know why... ate raquel has been our maid for once.. and i don't like her.. wala lng.. ayoko lng sakanya...plastikan tlga toh...


anyway... ayun... na meet ko ulit sha.. di nmn actually meet pero nakita ko lng ok.. un lng... haha...


why can't i get over this?

iniimpacho (infatuation) ako...


hay naku...


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