gossip time...

you know.. it's natural for me to gather some rumors at tyms... i mean.. i just heard it awhile ago.. the issue of michelle adriano and jolo revilla... ok.. so at first, the issue of the pregnancy thing was denied.. but just recently mrs rosanna roces finally revealed what's true to the public... michelle's giving birth this january...

at some point i pity her, but on the other side... it's better to have jolo as the father than someone else... but hey, this will affect both their studies. too bad..

pero despite those... they should be grateful naren.. kasi all things happen for a cause remember? and no matter how hard they take reality, it should always be real...

i have no hard thoughts against michelle but as i judge her during our gradeshool yrs [we were schoolm8s], she acts bad... i mean wala naman sa manners or something.. pero sa attitude...yes.

we were never friends pero if ever.. good luck na lng sa kanya. cling on to God, he's the only one who could help.

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