A Thousand Miles

i'm soo happy na i finally learned how to play a thousand miles by vanessa carlton [play it at the music player! ^_~]..di pa nga ako tapos eh pero at least ah.. achievement to...

sa club kase they were suggesting a song na may orchestral sound for the violins, flute, piano and guitar... and they suggested a thousand miles... at first i denied it kasi.. ewan ko.. by the look of it.. it already sounds complicated.. isa pa.. i'm not into the classical way of learning how to play it [ note reading ] ... i can do chords...pero hell... i don't think they're still gonna go on with it.. now pa na we're practicing underneath it all- no doubt.. hehe... aus nga.. ung guitar tuner.. coolnes.. tapos synch na sha sa organ.. ahaha...

wala lng... pero even though i knew na we're not going to push thru with this piece.. aus lng.. nadala na kasi ako eh.. ang cute nuya pakinggan.. nd isa itong challenge for me... coz i'm still learning how to play, sing and tumancha ng tempo all at once...

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