being a bloghopper also has its credentials... basically you'll have to waste your precious time in bloghoppin and scanning on random posts, plus you're wasting your energy typing some comments on their shoutboxes just for the sake of leaving your tracepaths behind so you can get more hits...but of all these... what's the price of learning something new from them? ah wala lng...

i discovered from one blog that before charles darwin [yep.. the one who theorized that we came from monkeys] died.. he was converted into a Christian.. maybe before he theorized that we came from monkeys.. he hasn't read the Bible yet... maybe lng ah..

pero would you believe... this Charles Darwin who proposed the theory of evolution rejected his studies and turn into the basic truth that the bible has?... wala lng tlga.. i was also stunned at the fact...

it is true... when death chases an atheist... he becomes a believer...

i think it's insane to live your whole life believing in nothing but the mere existence of the people around you not caring about who to worship or who to believe in.. when in the end, when death's scythe is hunting for your head... you start reading the bible and pray while waiting in your deathbed.

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